All The Things You Should Do To Your Home Over The Summer To Keep It Happy!

June 8, 2022

All The Things You Should Do To Your Home Over The Summer To Keep It Happy!
It’s that time of year again, or as we Texans like to say … “Texas is just starting to pre-heat.” 
Home maintenance is a year-round chore. But summertime tends to demand extra care.  
The following is a list of suggestions for your home maintenance, in preparation of summer that I live by and encourage my clients to as well.  


Pest Control  
There are so many great and affordable options for pest control both in and outside of the home. It’s always a good idea to do research on options that are compatible with indoor air, children and pets. Summer heat brings all manner of pests out. Beat the attack of ants, mosquitos, water bugs and spiders. Follow whatever schedule your preferred pest control recommends (some systems require up to three visits before you see results or improvement).  
Pool Maintenance 
If you have a pool, this is the time to get it ready for those 90+ degree days. Check surface areas for any necessary repairs, clean, fill, filter and make sure you have all your pool maintenance chemicals and cleaning supplies on hand.  
Sprinkler System 
Texas heat can kill grass faster than you can blink. Summer is a great time to check your sprinkler system (or invest in an option to water your lawn) to keep the lawn green and healthy. Many sprinkler systems run on timers, so double check those settings. The most beneficial times to water your lawn are early morning and late in the evening when the ground has a chance to soak up the moisture before dealing with the heat.  
Power Wash  
Mold and mildew are real enemies in the south, especially with all the humidity. Power wash the exterior of your home with a mildew remover compatible with your siding. Perform an inspection for any damage that could have been hiding under gunk and build-up.  
Replace Damaged Screens  
Those flying insects are relentless, and you never know when you may need to crack a window open. Replace any damaged or torn screens around your home. They help out more than you know.  
Create Shade 
Despite the heat, summer is a wonderful time to get outside and explore. Consider creating shade around your yard, especially in areas where children and pets may play. There are lots of creative and affordable options to make your outdoor space more comfortable.  
Give Your Lawn Mower A Tune-Up  
If you maintain your own lawn, consider the last time you gave your lawn mower a tune-up. Lawn care equipment requires the same amount of maintenance and TLC as anything else.  
Clean Your Grill  
I know this is a no-brainer, but it’s easy to forget the amount of cleaning a grill requires post-winter hiatus. That semi-annual scrub down before summer cook-offs can be a chore. For propane and gas grills, it is always a good idea to perform an inspection. Especially if they have been sitting for any length of time.  


Energy Efficiency Check-Up 
Most of us have invested in energy efficient homes and appliances. Texas summers will put these items to the ultimate test. Keep an eye on your electric bill and consumption. Pay special attention to the rating of any energy-efficient items and make sure there is not a decline in their performance.  
Appliance Cleaning & Maintenance 
Most appliances have filters that require routine cleaning and inspection. These include your dishwasher, washing machine and certain refrigerators. With all the extra use by kids and guests, your appliances deserve a little extra attention and TLC this time of year.  
Check On Your Home’s Emergency Supplies
This suggestion stems from the fact that Texas summers are often accompanied by hurricanes, storms and occasional rolling black-outs. In the summer it is prudent to make sure that you have a handy container of flashlights, batteries, power banks, cash and other home essential like dry goods, water, etc. on hand and ready. Better safe than sorry is the Texas way.

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