Step-by-Step Moving Checklist

September 20, 2021

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Step-by-Step Moving Checklist
Moving can be a very stressful event. Without proper planning you can find yourself struggling to get everything done. You’ll forget important steps like contacting the utility company to transfer electric service into your name or making arrangements to ship your motorcycle. I’m here to help! I’ve created this moving checklist to help keep you organized and not forget any important moving details. 
How to use this checklist:
  • Complete all of the steps based on the schedule below.
  • Use the notes sections to keep track of important information you need to remember such as dates, account numbers, who you spoke to, etc. 
  • Every move is different. Use the additional checklist spaces to add items that apply to your unique situation.

Eight Weeks Out

  • Book your cross-country movers
  • Start decluttering and organize your house 
  • _______________________________
  • _______________________________

Six Weeks Out

  • Throw away, donate, or sell all unwanted items
  • Make a home inventory list
  • Notify important people/companies (to provide your new address) 
    • Utilities
      • Cable __________________________________
      • Phone _________________________________
      • Internet ________________________________
      • Gas ___________________________________
      • Electric ________________________________
      • Other __________________________________
    • Bank
    • Doctor
    • Family, friends, and loved ones
    • Other _______________________________________
  • _______________________________
  • _______________________________

Four Weeks Out

  • Start Packing 
  • Submit Change of Address/Mail Forwarding to Post Office
  • _______________________________
  • _______________________________

Two Weeks Out

  • Make your personal travel arrangements
    • Flights _____________________________
    • Rental Car __________________________
    • Hotel/Airbnb ________________________
    • Other ______________________________
  • Set up in your new location
    • Medical – new doctor, dentist, etc.
    • Contact new utility companies
      • Cable __________________________________
      • Phone _________________________________
      • Internet ________________________________
      • Gas ___________________________________
      • Electric ________________________________
      • Other __________________________________
  • Deal with smaller tasks, so the week of the move is as pleasant as possible
  • _______________________________
  • _______________________________


Most of your effort will be put into packing your belongings. You want to ensure that things are packed properly in order to avoid damage. This is where most people procrastinate. You never realize how much stuff you have until you start putting it into boxes. Starting early can help you avoid rushing around at the last minute. Ask Matt about his recommendations for moving and packing professionals. 
Additional Packing Tips:
  • Pack similar items together, this will help you streamline the unpacking process. 
  • Use pillows, towels, and clothing as a cushion to protect fragile items.
  • Don’t overload the boxes. This could make them heavy to lift or make the bottom fall out. 

Pre-Arrival Cleaning

The last thing you want to do after a long drive across the country is to clean the house yourself. There is nothing better than being able to move into a freshly cleaned space. We’ve got you covered. Our team of house cleaning professionals will complete a pre-move clean of all our clients’ homes prior to their arrival. 

Bonus Tips to Make the Move a Success

  • Stop buying groceries five days ahead of your move. Try to use as much of the food you have so you have less to take with you. 
  • Pack liquids separately to avoid damage to other boxes and furniture.
  • If you are taking your fridge, defrost it at least two days in advance of your move.
  • If you have kids (or pets), hire a sitter for moving day.
  • Cancel or redirect regular home deliveries (meal kits, subscriptions, etc.).
  • Hire a cleaner to do a final cleaning of your departure residence.
  • Secure parking for the movers at both your departure residence and new home. 

We’re in This Together

It’s easy to forget everything involved with a successful move, and little things often slip through the cracks.  I hope that you find this checklist helpful. If you have any questions during your move, please let me know. I look forward to supporting you every step of the way. 

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