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Five Compelling Reasons to Move to and Thrive in Prosper Texas

October 6, 2021

Real Estate

Five Compelling Reasons to Move to and Thrive in Prosper Texas
Have you ever heard of the saying, “you can’t have it both ways”? Well, that certainly isn’t true about Prosper Texas! Being just 35 miles away from Dallas, this lovely suburban town is renowned for giving individuals and families the small-town feel they crave while still providing close accessibility to a big city.
With over 1.3 million people living in Dallas, it is no wonder why so many are seeking refuge in the cozy suburbs just outside of the city (WorldWidePopulationReview). Located in both Western Collin County and Eastern Denton County, Prosper has been tasked as one of the top five Dallas suburbs. 
We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to! Here are the five compelling reasons why you should move to Prosper: 

Little-Big-Town Vibes

Prosper currently has an estimated 31,000 residents with only a 35-minute drive to Downtown Dallas. This means this suburban area has the perfect little-big-town vibes many people desire when choosing a place for settling down! 
Being on the outskirts of the big cities means that you will have access to the normal hustle-and-bustle that comes with larger metropolitan areas. The appeal of Dallas and Fort Worth are just a quick drive away. However, you will be far enough from the cities to enjoy the peaceful and charming flow of a smaller town. 

Charming Historical Aesthetic

Like some pockets of Texas, Prosper has its own historic charm and appeal. This can be seen through the older brick buildings scattered throughout downtown and the historical homes spread across town. Although Prosper is known for its stable growing economy, many enjoy the chronicled aesthetic of the area.
According to Town of Prosper, the town of Prosper was first settled for the land that was rich in fertile soil perfect for growing cotton. Dr. A. T. Bryant purchased the Rock Hill and Richland settlements, and this land “later became the center of the present town.” 
There was a time when the railroad between Dallas and Sherman treated Prosper as a landing station. Notably, the name of the town was inspired by a prosperous year of crops, and the town was established with a beginning population of 500 (Town of Prosper). 
Those who move to Prosper enjoy the rich downtown entertainment opportunities including dining, shopping, and lovely walk areas. In addition, the whole area of Prosper is known for its open green spaces that tend to make us forget all about congested cities. 

Excellent School District

It is no secret that living in an area with a good school district can make all the difference when it comes to your child’s future. School districts with high rankings compared to others in the state are known for their dedicated staff, nurturing educational environments, and high graduation rates. 

Qualities That Make Prosper a Highly Rated School District: 

  • Top-Rated for Academics
  • Competitive Sports Teams
  • Quality Teaching Staff
  • High Graduation Rate
  • Low Crime Rates
Impressively, Prosper Texas ranks #11 in the state amongst other quality school districts! In fact, the district’s educational system includes three A+ schools that demonstrate a 91% average on state test scores. It is also worth mentioning the 94.1% of seniors attending high school in Prosper successfully graduate. 
With the town’s low crime rates for both adults and adolescents, parents can feel safe sending their children to school each day. Furthermore, children in Prosper experience smaller class sizes than they would in a larger school district. As such, they receive more direct attention and care from their teachers.

Close-Knit Community

The town of Prosper comes together during different times of the year for various celebrations and events. Residents are known for throwing memorable Fourth of July events, cheerful Christmas Festivals, and even the historical Founders Fest. 
These activities can be enjoyed by a variety of people including individuals as well as whole families! With regular events being scheduled for all to enjoy, it is easy for people to get to know their neighbors and form long-lasting and meaningful friendships. 
Known for its safe streets and vast spaces of greenery, it is no wonder why so many families are choosing to move to Prosper, Texas to raise their children. 

Growing Economy

Don’t let the small-town atmosphere fool you! Prosper, Texas is booming with sustainable commercial developments, which means there has been an increase in quality jobs for the area. The businesses and companies that have chosen to establish their roots in Prosper are thriving, growing, and here to stay. 
Furthermore, the fiscal responsibility of the town is favorable to all who live in Prosper Texas! There is a successful balance between taxes and the general upkeep of the town. Unlike other areas in Texas, there isn’t a report of Prosper residents feeling financial pressure from high taxes.  

Final Thoughts

Are you having difficulty pinpointing the perfect area for you and your family to live in? To help you narrow down your choices, create a checklist of qualities you value in a community. What are your non-negotiables, and what factors are you willing to compromise on? 

Common Qualities People Look For When Moving: 

  • Low Crime Rates
  • Excellent School District
  • Beautiful Walkable Areas
  • Reasonable Tax Rates
  • Maintained Roads
  • The list goes on! 
Once you choose your must-have qualities, you can now conduct your own research to determine what areas harbor those traits. Since Prosper is known for checking many boxes for desired qualities, we invite you to contact us at Merit Homes so we can show you homes that fit your needs. Matt Braun is a Prosper resident and award winning Realtor®. He is here and ready to meet your real estate needs.

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