Moving Near Your Loved Ones When You’re A Business Owner

September 22, 2022

Moving Near Your Loved Ones When You’re A Business Owner
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Written by guest blogger, Sharon Wagner
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As our loved ones age, they often depend on us for assistance with daily tasks. It can be anything from getting dressed or preparing meals to going out in public or just being a friend. Liberty HomeCare and Hospice Services notes that being near family and socializing with them offers many benefits like longer life, better mental health, and even a stronger immune system.
The key to longevity is to keep the person you love healthy and happy. This can be done by moving closer to them, which means relocating your business as well if you’re a business owner. Moving closer will help them feel safer and more secure, which will make them happier in their life and in their retirement.
The best time for you to move closer is when they are still healthy and mobile but not as active as before. The other option is when they are no longer able to live on their own.
Moving close will allow your loved one to maintain a certain level of independence while being near you at the same time. It will also help them get the care they need without having to leave home or move into a nursing home. If you’re a small business owner with aging parents and planning to move, Merit Homes has some tips and resources to help you.
Your First Point of Contact
Your first point of contact when you plan a move should be a qualified real estate agent for the area you’re moving to. You should be able to use their site to search for homes digitally, so you’re not spending valuable time traveling to and from your target city until you’ve narrowed the list of options online.
The Realtors® at Merit Homes offer a digital resource for buying and selling homes in the Dallas Metroplex. You can have real-time updates of all properties for sale so you have direct access to everything you need to know, including all current market statistics and listings.
When you’re checking out which moving company to use, you want to make sure that you’re getting one that has good reviews and that will properly manage your belongings. Filter for things that are important to you, such as piano movers near me. When meeting with a moving company to get a quote, ask about any discounts they may offer for things like flexibility with your move date.
Moving as a Business Owner
As in all things, early planning is crucial to making things go off without a hitch. Use an organizing tool like Google Keep to tick off tasks as they are completed. This is a tool that lets everyone on your team get on the same page so you can keep track of what chores have been completed and what duties are still outstanding. This list-sharing system can be accessed on either your Android or iPhone.
IT and tech are areas that can cause issues when relocating to a new location as a business. Plan with your IT team about how you’ll get up and running once you’ve moved.
In order to minimize downtime as much as possible, you should have a few people working remotely during the move so that you are not completely offline during this period.
Give your clients and vendors a heads up early enough for them to address their own business concerns. Plan to update your business and marketing materials with your new address so that as soon as you have the details you can make it happen quickly.
Store business items you need to keep safe and separate from your personal belongings in order to ensure their safety. Check prices in your current city and your target city to find the one that offers the best value. For instance, a storage unit in Beacon Falls, CT, can start at $111 per month, but in Dallas, the prices start at $34 for a small unit according to CubeSmart Self Storage.
And finally, expect there to be some glitches along the way, but celebrate with everyone once you’ve had a successful move.
Planning your move early and contacting a qualified Realtor® like Matt Braun at Merit Homes can go a long way to giving you the best outcome possible. And using storage for your business items and getting employees to work remotely means a lot less downtime for your company. Moving closer to your senior loved one can bring a lot of benefits, such as increased quality time, lower stress levels, and less loneliness.

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