Why Celina ISD Has Such A Terrific Reputation

July 22, 2022

Why Celina ISD Has Such A Terrific Reputation
Amazing things are happening at Celina ISD – known as the destination district. 
Boasting an A rating, this school district holds a promise of growth and excellence in student education. Celina ISD is located 40 miles north of Dallas and it is currently one of the fastest growing public school districts in Texas. And it’s easy to see why.
The district has an enrollment of over 2, 500 students and currently has one high school, one junior high school, two elementary schools and one early childhood school. 
Here are a few things I want you to know about the district:
Academic Excellence 
According to this list of the best school districts in the Dallas area, Celina comes in at the top 20 for its high STARR, AP/IB, SAT and ACT scores. 
Academic excellence is certainly a contributing factor in Celina ISD’s high rating. In 2020, the high school received the College Success Award; this is coupled with the high percentage (99%) of high school students who graduated early or on time in 2019. 
With the pandemic, current numbers are slow coming as many requirements were previously put on hold.   
Extracurricular Activities 
There’s no doubt that academic excellence goes hand in hand with extracurricular activities. According to the Celina ISD website, “Our district has a long-standing reputation of providing quality education that gives our students hope for tomorrow by helping them reach their potential through innovative programs and experiences.” 
Celina ISD offers a fine arts program and a robust athletic program, attracting students around the area. 
Summer athletic camps keep students engaged with baseball, basketball, football, softball and volleyball camps.  
Parent Reviews 
Greatschools.org is based on parent reviews and a high percentage of Celina ISD schools average a nearly perfect score. The average years of teacher experience is 12.7 years, and this shows in many of the well-rated parent reviews.
Celina ISD does accept transfer applications within the district.

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