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5 Things To Do Around Your Home And Garden In North Texas Every Spring

March 21, 2022

5 Things To Do Around Your Home And Garden In North Texas Every Spring
Springs are amazing in Texas: The weather warms up a little, patios begin to fill in and we all start thinking about pool season and summer vacations.

But the spring also means it’s time for spring cleaning. While no one enjoys cleaning, doing certain things around your house in the spring can protect your home — and your wallet — for years to come.

I have seen the return on my home and homes I have sold by doing just a few simple things that keep your house updated and looking beautiful.

Check out these 5 tips from my friends at Check Out DFW to do around your home and garden. Your summer self will thank you.   



1. Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is a necessity in Texas thanks to this season’s new blooms of allergen-inducing particles.
  • This time of year is perfect for washing any linens that do not see regular rotation in the washing machine. Linens such as curtains, bedspreads, duvets, and decorative textiles.
  • This is also a wonderful time to shampoo carpets and upholstery. Including your car. You can rent a shampoo cleaner from most supermarkets or other suppliers for an affordable price (Most Walmart stores offer carpet cleaners for rent at $30/day or $40 for 48 hours. The cleaning solution is extra and varies from $10-$30).
  • Many Texans have dusting as a weekly chore, but fans and hard-to-reach places also need a good dusting.



2. Clean and insulate your home’s exterior 

We all remember the old childhood rhyme, “spring showers.” Springtime absolutely brings lots of rain and other weather surprises.
  • Cleaning out your home’s gutters is an important part of protecting your home’s investment. While you have the ladder out, this is also a good time to inspect the roof.
  • Many Texans often look at roof repairs and replacements prior to hurricane season in the late summer.
  • Check for any cracks in the foundation too, not just the base but along the sides under ceilings.
  • Lastly, the heat and cold rotation can cause the weather stripping around windows to fail. Sometimes a simple cleaning and re-caulking around windows can prevent any future leaks or damage. This will also help to insulate your home for the summer heat coming.

3. A/C maintenance and inspection 

No air conditioning during a Texas summer is the worst. Some of us have unfortunately undergone it, and nothing will motivate you more to take care of your home’s air conditioning unit.
  • There are many businesses that offer inspection services and maintenance packages for your home’s a/c unit. They will clean the coils, check for cracks, tighten bolts and top off freon.
  • Some of these businesses will inspect attics and may offer duct cleaning as well. It’s worth getting a quote as all of these components contribute to your home’s cooling system. Having an energy-efficient and well-insulated home is important but keeping the heart of your home’s cooling system is vital.  

4. Lawn Care

Springtime is a suitable time to fertilize and treat your lawn. This is a simple and affordable process that can save you a lot of expense and time in the summer. For a helpful guide on current lawn fertilizers and what they offer, check out this site
  • Treat for any lawn pests while you fertilize.
  • It’s also an excellent time to fertilize and get your flower and garden beds ready (whether in-ground or above).
  • Trees also need cultivation, make sure that any dead leaves are raked away from tree beds.
  • Trim any bushes or hedges and rake out those dead leaves and grass. While this can be time intensive, it provides an instant face lift for your yard. Adding new fertilizer and using lawn treatment around bushes and hedges will also help to keep all those annoying insects away. 

5. Planting/Gardening

While it does depend on your zone area (you can look it up here), many Texans plant spring gardens and do landscaping work in April, after Easter. Weather patterns are such that most of Texas is free from fear of freezing or deadly frost by then.
  • Most folks will go ahead and bring out their porch plants and start recreating an outdoor oasis. Just in time for warm weather and longer days.  
  • While you’re outside on your porch, spring is also a good time to clean off any patio furniture and fixtures.  Sometimes a simple cleaning or touch of paint can save you lots of money on your home’s next season look. 

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